Power Station:

The reef slopes from the surface to 12m, before dropping at 20m to a sheer Wall (70m) Diving along the edge of the wall offers spectacular views. This is the hunting ground of large pelagic species. Soft corals abound as nutrient rich waters gently flow along the wall. This dive requires good buoyancy control and offers some magnificent coral outcrops with huge numbers of Fishes.

First Bay:
Average depth: 15m
Max depth: 30m

About 700m long reef situated just south of the Marina Science Station, shallow fringing reef of fire Corals and small coral gardens about 8m. Reef slopes down from 15m and is the best depth to stay there.
Corals: varies from fire corals, cabbage, table and small coral gardens.
Fish Life: Puffer fish, squids, octopus, lionfish, groupers, very well hidden away scorpion or stone fish.

King Abdullah Reef:
Average depth: 13m
Max depth: 30m

Reef extends about 500m out from the shore in front.
Corals: excellent patchy corals cover over sandy bottom.
Fish Life: white morays, triggers, goatfish, angels, scorpions, lionfish, wrasses, butterflies, damsels, clownfish and odd blue spotted stingray.

Black Rock:
Average depth: 14m
Max depth: 30m

Corals: coral gardens starts just below the surface with fire corals and pinnacles.
Fish Life: emperor, snapper, lyre tail, small triggerfish, wrasses, parrotfish, lionfish, scorpion fish, box fish, and many butterfly fish. Regularly visited by Turtles.

Rainbow Reef: (B. Rock South)
Average depth: 14m
Max depth: 30m

The dive site was named by rainbow fish which lives there.
Corals: excellent healthy reef from 20m depth, wide range of hard corals.
Fish Life: excellent throughout the site, various sorts of butterfly, parrot, lion, and wrasse fish.

Shipwreck: (Cedar Pride)
Min depth: 10m
Max depth: 28m

Diving highly recommended, the wreck is 760 tons, 81m long, and 20m wide, was sunk in 1986. She lies on her site, bridging two reefs, so you can dive underneath her at about 26m. The ship is in a good condition, tank area can be dived inside.
Corals: a lot of soft corals, gardens of sea fans, and around the ship is a very wonderful garden of hard corals variety.
Fish Life: lion fish, angel, large snappers, school of double bar bream, barracuda, and the smaller reef species such as damsels are well represented. Big napoleon can be seen.

Japanese Garden:
Average depth: 18m
Max depth: 30m

The reef begins in shallow water with some firs corals and then gently sloping to magnificent colorful reef.
Corals: large coral heads, cabbage corals, black corals, and others.
Fish Life: lion, angel, cornet, grey moray, groupers, snappers, and butterfly.

Gorgonian 1:
Average depth: 18m
Max depth: 25m

One of best for diving and snorkeling sites. The site is named after a large gorgonian sea fan coral which is in 15m depth. In the shallow water are very interesting pinnacles with colorful life.
Corals: large yellow cabbage at beginning of the dive, fire corals, brain, and varieties of stony corals.
Fish Life: on pinnacles shoaling glass fish, sleeping up side down lion fish, and frog fish.

Gorgonian 2:
Average depth: 20m
Max depth: 30m

Excellent diving site, it was named after two gorgonian fan corals, which is in 20m and 29m depth. Very interesting pinnacles are in the shallow water.
Corals: fire corals, table, cabbage, and stony or raspberry corals.
Fish Life: lion, scorpion, parrot, wrasse, and reef fishes. The reef is visit by green turtles feed on sea grass.

New Canyon: (S. from Tank)
Average depth: 18m
Max depth: 30m

The canyon has a sandy bottom and drops to over 40m depth. On the north of the canyon at 5m depth is the shell pf a Russian tank, sunken in 1999.
Corals: plenty of healthy hard and soft corals.
Fish Life: eel moray, lion, scorpion fish, octopus.

Eel Canyon:
Average depth: 18m
Max depth: 30m

The site is located to the south of the new canyon. The canyon splits the reef to a valley with sandy bottom and a big table coral in the middle, it looks like a tent from distance. The reef is flat sloping and descents to 40m.
Corals: various all sorts of corals, soft and hard.
Fish Life: eel moray, scorpion, lion, parrot, many butterfly, box, damsels, and lizardfish.

Blue Coral:
Average depth: 20m
Max depth: 40m

Located in middle of the big bay, named for a type of lacy blue coral.
Corals: variety of healthy corals with different shape.
Fish Life: this is know as a home for the razorfish (plate fish), which swims in vertical position, head down.

Saudi Border:
Average depth: 20m
Max depth: 35m

Excellent reef for diving, one of most popular dive sites. Drop off reef with a very long wall extend to 850m distance.
Corals: excellent cover, huge size of cabbage corals (all sorts of types)
Fish Life: hump head napoleon, wrasse, butterfly, angel, puffer, and gobies.